In Focus Photohraphers' Club Bordon, Hampshire. UK.

Monthly photographic themes and discussion topics that we have used previously have been summarised below.

Members suggestions for new themes and topics are always welcome, as are variations on previous themes or re-iteration of earlier topics. Suggest at the meeting or use the contact form HERE or you can send an email message to

Synopsis of Previous Meetings

7th May 2022

The theme for this month was "Through the Window" and many members produced images on the subject.

2nd April 2022

In a smaller than usual meeting a number of photographs were shown by various members on the subject of "MACRO / CLOSE UP". Dave was away but Chris stood in and did not make too much of a fool of his self.

5th March 2022

In a smaller than usual meeting a number of photographs were shown by various members on the subject of "Derelict". Chris P gave a short talk on 3D photography, postponed from last year, with lots of DIY bits. (3D Info).

December 2021 - March 2022

Decembers meeting could not be held as it conflicted with the centers Xmas Fair. January's meeting meeting fell on new years day and February's meeting was affected by the "New Varient" Covid 19

6th November 2021

A number of photographs were shown by various members to the enjoyment of all, due to illness the 3d photos from your digital camera presentation was postponed. Dave steped in though, and gave a talk on how to use AI to colour Old Black and White images with artificial colour.

2nd October 2021

A "Catch-Up" meeting, the first after our forced break for the Covid19 pandemic.
It was remarked by all how good it was to see our friends again and a lot of catching up was done between members.


March 2020 - October 2021

7th March 2020

This months meeting started off with a short talk by Bill Wain of the Woolmer Forest Heritage Society on the collection of 2000+, Half Frame, glass negative plates found in Bordon in around 2001 and dating from around 1912.
The topic this month was "Best of British". A good number of images were submitted by members ranging from Trains to Buildings and Pets.

1st February 2020

The topic this month was "Queues". The topic was expanded by Dave to include {snooker] Cue's. Members were given an informative talk on organising their photos in a logical way and this has opend more questiuons from members about file formats compression and file sizes that Chris hopes he will be able to cover in 15 minuites in April.

11th January 2020

There was an open topic for submissions this month that led to a number of varied images.

2nd November 2019

The topic this month was "Spooky". A selection of well thought out images were displayed by members.

5th October 2019

The topic this month was "History" to co inside with National Heritage Day. A lot of thought was put into the selection of images with one entrant saying "It took ages to find these on google". Chris presented a preview of his Web Gallery for Members and Dave volunteered to be the first person to try it out live at

9th September 2019

The topic this month was "Portraits" a number of images were shown by members with many twists on the subject.

9th July 2019

The topic this month was "Knolling" the process of arranging different objects so that they are at 90 degree angles from each other, then photographing them from above.

9th June 2019

The topic this month was "Connections" where members photos were of objects or subjects that had a connection to something or other. A number of images were displayed by the members. Dave gave a demonstration of how to straighten the horizon on a wonky image in Photoshop.

4th May 2019

The topic this month was "RUST" where members submited photos of objects that werew rusty or of a rust colour.

6th April 2019

The topic this month was "What is It?" where members could submit photos of objects taken from unusual angles and we could all try to guess what it was. A number of amusing images were displayed by the members and we all had fun trying to guess the subject.

2nd March 2019

Diana Grant a local resident and Wild Life photographer who was a winner of the BBC Country File Calendar Competition in 2015 kindly came to us in the morning a gave a talk on how she got into photography just a few years ago and how winning the BBC competition was almost an accident. If you would like to contact Diana she is the Membership Secretary of the Ludshott Photographic Club or see her photographs she has for sale in her Shop.

2nd February 2019

Dr Lilian Hobbs kindly attended our meeting and gave an interesting talk on aspects of "Astro Photography" and the Wonders of the Night Sky. Special thanks are given because Lilian drove all the way from Southampton in very bad (snowy) weather to give the presentation. To find out more about Dr Lilian Hobbs and Astro Photography you can visit her web site by clicking

5th January 2019

Dave C showed a short PowerPoint presentation of pictures from his recent cruise. "Texture" was the theme for the month and members' photos were viewed. Again, a small number of members' prints, on a variety of subjects, were on display.

8th December 2018

Members' photos on the theme of "Motion" were viewed. A small number of members' prints were also displayed.

3rd November 2018

Members' photos on either or both of the specified themes of "Depth of Field" and "Autumnal" were viewed. A number of members' prints were also displayed.

6th October 2018

Members' photos on the theme of "Transport" were viewed. A small number of members' prints were on display, both on the theme and of "Alternative Subjects.

14th July 2018

Kostas talked on computer related issues and demonstrated replacing a conventional spinning hard disk drive with a solid state drive while also transferring disk contents using a disk image.

2nd June 2018

Members' photos on the theme of Spring Flowers/any flowers (or anything vaguely related to Spring or flowers) were viewed. Laurie displayed yet more A3 prints of members' photos produced for the Allen Gallery cafe exhibition.

5th May 2018

Visiting photographer Ivan Constable and his colleague Simon, showed a very large number of impressive images covering macro, graphic art, graffiti and others. Laurie displayed more A3 prints of members' photos produced for the Allen Gallery cafe exhibition.

7th April 2018

In anticipation of the July exhibition at the Allen Gallery cafe, Laurie displayed A3 size prints of photos which members had asked Laurie to produce. Members' photos on the theme "Framed" were viewed.

3rd February 2018

Stuart gave a presentation primarily on portrait techniques and the use of Lightroom (and to some extent, Elements) to achieve desired effects.

6th January 2018

Close-ups with a festive theme was the subject for the month and while this was seriously attempted by some, it was interpreted with great flexibility by others! Earlier pictures found on unsuspecting members' USB sticks were also viewed, including a short AV sequence of shots taken in Scotland by Stuart & Mary.

9th December 2017

Members' close-up pictures were viewed with some entertainment derived from guessing what some of the photographed items were. As an extension to this, Kim showed photos of jewellery which he had handmade, principally from copper wire. Kostas related his "adventures" in transporting a cat from Greece to the UK, all documented photographically.

4th November 2017

Lyn showed a fascinating set of photographs of Kiev from her recent visit to the Ukraine. Members' pictures on the theme "Animals" were viewed. Laurie demonstrated a method of transferring photos onto candles but concluded that "it wasn't worth the bother!".

7th October 2017

Members' "Architecture" photos were viewed. Laurie confirmed that the cafe area of the Allen Gallery has been booked for July 2018 for display of some of our photographs. Lyn gave a presentation on her recent visit to Chernobyl.

2nd September 2017

4 years since the club's first meeting celebrated with cakes made by Lyn. Members photos on the theme of "Local places" (with some liberal interpretations of "local") were viewed. Interest in a possible exhibition of members' photos at the Allen Gallery cafe in July next year was sought by Laurie. Lyn showed photographs she had taken at the recent kite festival on Southsea Common.

5th August 2017

Members' photos taken on "Proper" cameras were compared with the same subjects taken on phones and tablets. Angela Jackson from the Headley Down Nature Reserve Trust described the work which the trust has been doing and encouraged club members to visit and photograph the reserve.

1st July 2017

Members photos on the theme of "Speed" were viewed, during which Dave C demonstrated how he had used layers in Photoshop Elements to put several images of one person in a single picture. Lyn gave a Powerpoint presentation on her recent visit to Pembrokeshire, largely to photograph birds. Laurie described how he had made fridge magnet pictures using foam board faced with a small photo and backed with magnetic card (available from Amazon, among others).

3rd June 2017

A video was shown on setting up & using the studio lighting kit which the club bought back in February. Members' photographs of things starting with the letter "E" were viewed. Dave C. gave a presentation on varying shutter speed according to subject and circumstances.

6th May 2017

Photographs on specific themes assigned to individual members were viewed. Laurie showed a very old photograph which had been scanned and the image restored.

1st April 2017

Dave C. talked about aperture settings; a practical session followed. Amanda presented a slide show on the centrifuge for pilots at Farnborough. Members' photographs on the theme of "Bricks" were viewed.

4th March 2017

Dave C. showed a selection of photographs from his recent trip to the Middle East. The studio lighting kit acquired by the club was shown; this is available for members to borrow for a charge of £10 of which £5 is refundable when the kit is returned. Members' shots on the theme of "After Dark" were viewed, as were more old photos.

4th February 2017

Laurie explained a technique for transferring black & white images onto canvas. Members' "Wildlife" theme pictures were viewed, as were more photos from times gone by.

7th January 2017

Dave C showed a few photos from his recent visit to Singapore and Bali. Members' images on the theme of "Weather" were viewed, as were a selection of members' old, and in some cases, very old photographs.

5th November 2016

John K provided an AV presentation (not one of his) on the 1st world war with photos of our area from that time. Members pictures in Black & White of any subject were viewed.

1th October 2016

Members' pictures on the theme of "Remembrance" were viewed; some members brought along prints to be entered in the Community Centre's photo competition on the same theme. Laurie demonstrated some features of Adobe Camera Raw which are available within Photoshop Elements and are similar to those in Lightroom.

3th September 2016

Laurie talked on his experience of camera sensor cleaning. Visitor and sometime-professional photographer, Nikki, presented a collection of some of her photographs. Members' pictures on the theme of "Leaves" were viewed (as were a number of holiday photos).

2nd July 2016

Dave C gave an audiovisual presentation of photos he'd taken during his recent trip to Croatia, Montenegro and Greece. Members' pictures on the theme of "Lines" were viewed.

4th June 2016

Dave C displayed photos he'd taken during the recent circus visit to Bordon. By popular request, Laurie repeated his demonstration of photo mounting on foam core board. Members' pictures on the theme of "Water droplets" were viewed. Dave C and Laurie showed photos for members' critical assessment.

7th May 2016

Members' photos on the alternative themes of "Smoke" or "Sky" were viewed. A few photos were also projected for (gentle) critical review. Laurie demonstrated some of the Develop Module features in Adobe Lightroom.

2nd April 2016

Members' photos of everyday objects resembling the letters of their names were viewed. A small number of pictures, some from members but also one taken from the internet, were projected for critical comment by members present.

5th March 2016

Members' photos on the theme "Red" were viewed. A practical close-up/macro photography session took place.

6th February 2016

Members' photos on the theme of "Shadows and Silhouettes" were viewed. Dave C, with support from John K, demonstrated the use of Layers in Photoshop Elements. Laurie provided an overview of Adobe Lightroom.

9th January 2016

Members' photos on the theme "Street signs and street furniture" were viewed. Laurie showed a photographic record of the decline of Jaywick Sands (Essex) between the 1960's and now. Lyn gave a presentation on her recent "Tigers & Temples" visit to India.

12th December 2015

Members' photos on the theme of "Painting with light" were viewed. Lyn, Dave C. and Ian T. showed photos from their recent travels to India, Thailand and Malaysia/Singapore respectively.

7th November 2015

There were no members' theme photos of "Bonfire Night/Halloween". Joel gave an interesting demo of "Painting With Light", Laurie demonstrated his preferred method of mounting prints on foam board and Kostas continued to encourage participation in the club's FaceBook page.

3rd October 2015

Landscape photographer Fi Bunn gave a talk and presentation of some of her work. Members' photos on the theme "Sculptural" were viewed.

5th September 2015

Members' photos showing "Manipulation" of images were viewed. Joel arranged a couple of "product shoot" set-ups allowing members to experiment with lighting arrangements.

1st August 2015

Members' photos on the theme of "Flowers and Leaves" were viewed. By popular request, John K repeated his demonstration of how to put together an AV presentation using Windows Live Movie Maker. Members' queries on using the club's Facebook page were addressed.

4th July 2015

Members' photos of the "Farewell to the Garrison" festival were viewed, including on audio-visual presentation put together by John K to commemorate the event. Successes, or otherwise, in adding material to the club's Facebook page were debated.

6th June 2015

Members' photos on "Effect of shutter speed", numerous other miscellaneous subjects were viewed. Laurie concluded his back-to-basics sessions with ISO sensitivity being the subject.

(4th April & 2nd May 2015

meetings were off-site photo-shoots - see "Events" section.)

7th March 2015

Members' "Still Life" theme photos were viewed plus some photos taken by the members who went to Gunwharf Quays on 12 February. Laurie led a back-to-basics breakout session on shutter speed selection. Dave C arranged a number of set-ups providing members with opportunities to shoot both still life and objects in motion.

7th February 2015

Members' photos on the theme of "Dark & Light" were viewed. Laurie led a back-to-basics breakout session on aperture selection. Dave C provided lighting set-ups and flowers for members practical experimentation.

10th January 2015

Members' photos on the themes of "Frost" and "Festive" were viewed. John K showed 2 audio-visual presentations, one which he had prepared and a second, professionally produced. Joel showed photos of paint drops, captured as they splashed on a surface, and demonstrated how he had merged & manipulated images in PhotoShop to achieve his results.



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